December 5-7, 2017

About Event

Optimizing the development of biologics
through the application of computational tools

The Computational Drug Development Summit gathers the computational thought leaders in pharma/biotech, academia and software providers along with the end users in computational biology, structural biology and bioinformatics to debate how to add immediate value to the drug development process.

Join us to:

  • Benchmark against the leaders in the field to understand how they have effectively integrated in-house and commercially available computational tools into their biologics development workflow
  • Use robust in silico strategies to streamline the discovery of biologics, significantly reducing the investment required for early experimental techniques
  • Investigate how computational tools can optimize the manufacturability and physical properties of biotherapeutics
  • Examine real-world case studies detailing how the use of MD simulations, in silico affinity maturation, computational structural modeling and a host of other techniques have contributed significant value to lead candidates
  • Gain invaluable insights into how informatics, modeling and simulation can overcome key challenges encountered the development of biologics

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